A little about us……

Our mission is to be a viable resource to our environmentally conscious textile customers. We offer natural, sustainable fabrics produced with the lowest carbon footprint possible.

Most of our fabrics are handloom textiles that have been created from a wide variety of renewable and sustainable fibers.
These handloom fabrics are woven using traditional methods by independent weavers from India, Nepal or Bangladesh who work on home-based primitive handlooms. This is usually the family's only source of income.

The mill-made certified organic cottons are produced by manufacturers meeting recognized global standards for environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing processes. We use only low-impact, non-toxic dyes. The majority of the mills are powered by wind power to lower the carbon footprint of production.

Our hope is to offer alternative sustainable textile choices to those who seek them and to promote the beautiful handloom crafts of the artisans who create them using their local renewable, natural resources.